Business Purposes
Website Notifications
Many CMSs support email notifications from scratch. If you want to receive messages from clients or any other notifications in directly in Telegram, you just need to put your Etlgr-email address in your CMS settings.
Trading alerts
Get a relatime notifications from your trading tools, such as
CRM Notification
When you communicate with customers using CRM, speed of reaction may be very important. Don’t miss your customers due to slow analysis of email-notifications which is generated by CRM system.
IP cameras - motion detection
Etlgr bot can be used as a notification tool for receiving emails from IP cameras that detect motion. The most of CCTV cameras have an ability to send notifications using emails only.
Open Circuit Notifications
Some of server-side hardware have a functionality of sending email notifications only. If you’re an IT company and you need to react immediately in case of damage or disconnection of your or your customers’ hardware, it’s better to have all your notifications directly in your favourite IM.
Personal Usage
Smart House
Like IP-cameras, Smart House can send email messages. Receive information about gas leak, runed water, and opened windows and doors in your house as quick as possible.
Using Specific Services
Many services like calendars, organisers, reminders and so on can send email-notifications. Etlgr bot makes using it more easy and faster.
Communicate With Grandma And Grandpa
Many aged people using only email out of habit, not Social Networks or IM. With Etlgr Bot you can communicate with them the best way: they send you email and you receive it in IM-notification form. This may be useful when you travel on your holiday or you and your relatives live in different cities.
Hobby For Geeks
Many IT-specialists prefer keep hand on the pulse of new technologies. They experiment with it for maintaining a high professional level or as a hobby on a rest. Using Etlgm bot may be cheerful.
Notifications About Cataclysms
If you live in the area with risk of earthquake, tsunami, flood, storm, you need to immediately notification about cataclysms, but they may be transmitted only by email. Etlgr can help you receive this critical information right away.