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Security Level

We do all the necessary steps to protect your emails - starting from the SSL certificate on our website, ending the database-side encryption of all the content on our servers.

Please, remember, we do not have a direct access to your emails!

You may feel free using it in any possible aspects of your life, everything is encrypted!


We have a 99.99% availability SLA guaranteed by our infrastructure partner Microsoft and the same value from the Swanager software. So that means 4 minutes* downtime max in month (30 days, 24/7) for Website or Bot. All the emails in this period are going to be delivered, because we have a reliable queue service to process the whole traffic.

* 4 minutes means 4 minutes max, so for now the max downtime we’ve ever had is 3 mins, and it was because of a massive DDoS attack;


Providing an anonymous service, our “anonymity” works while the Telegram’s (or some other service/provider’s) one is on. We do not disclose any information about our consumers. The only one thing we can do - is to block accounts for the “illegal” actions. “illegal” means the abuse report with the real proves. All the cases are processes indiviadually by our operators. For more information you may have a look at the related section of our Terms of Usage. Terms of Usage, providing as much information as it’s possible.