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We Do Our Best
Social Networks are going to be behind the Messengers. Everything should be available there: Banks, Stores, Consulting Agencies, etc. Traditional email services are too old for the modern world. Usually all known email client programs use a “check email” operation to get the emails via POP3 (or some other) protocol. This causes delays between the real event firing and receiving the email on the device. The realtime messaging means the realtime services, even realtime emailing.
So, the main goal - is to achieve the Realtime Email Service in the Messengers. Saying “Messengers” we mean all the popular IMs: Telegram, Skype, Viber.
Who's behind the scene?
Me :)
Eugene Khashin
Eugene Khashin
CTO / Co-founder Dokkur / Swanager
Contacts: GitHub, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK

Of course, our mission is the only the beginning. It throws a huge number of usecases, so you may learn how IM Emailing can help to you or to your business.